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Job Searching for Scientists: Tools, Tips, and Essentials

Looking for some advice about how to conduct your job search? Join us for a roundtable discussion that will look at academic and industry job searches for research scientists. We'll talk about using networking in the job search process, locating job openings, getting together your application materials, putting your best foot forward in an interview, and negotiating the best compensation package.

Given how important the outcome is and how rarely you have to do it, the job search process can be overwhelming. When should you start applying for jobs? What are the differences between academic and industry job searches? What's the difference between a resume and a CV? Who should be your references? What are employers looking for in an interview?

This webinar will look at the various parts of the job application process and focus on giving you nuts and bolts advice that you can apply to your own job search. After the event, you'll be better prepared to tackle today's challenging job market.

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