Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean—including in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas—has dwindled by more than 11% per decade since 1979, due to global warming. The new expanses of open water absorb the sun’s energy rather than reflecting it back into space, further en
The actual atmospheric link between Arctic amplification and the waviness of the jet stream may be disputed, but it is known that a wavier jet stream can enhance the likelihood of frigid winter storms such as the powerful nor’easter in December 2009 that
The same nor’easter cloaked the Chesapeake Bay area in white in December 2009.
The 2009 to 2010 winter was particularly memorable in the northeastern United States. In February 2010, so much snow fell in the mid-Atlantic area that the media dubbed the event “Snowmageddon.”
The heavy snowfall hasn’t just occurred in the northeastern United States; Europe has been blanketed as well. Snow covered the city of Paris in December 2009.
Winter storms have also blasted eastern Asia, such as this snowstorm that hit Beijing in November 2009.
Another blizzard struck the northeastern United States in December 2010; homes and streets in Scituate, Massachusetts, were also flooded due to extreme high tides.
In New York, the December 2010 blizzard dumped up to 74 centimeters of snow.
Europe was again hit hard in January and February 2012. Here, a woman walks on snow-covered roads in the village of Llopushnik in southern Kosovo, in January 2012.

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