Special Feature: International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2010

International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2010

In the journal's 18 February 2011 issue, Science, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, presents the winners and honorable mentions in the eighth annual International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge.

The articles linked on this page describe the accomplishments of the creative and gifted scientists, artists, and others who put the winning entries together, and an online slide presentation showcases the competition's winners and honorable mentions.

In addition, a segment of the Science Podcast includes interviews with one of the competition's judges and the creator of the winning entry in the informational graphics category. You can also hear the winners explain the processes, techniques, and thoughts behind their entries in a video courtesy of the National Science Foundation.

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2010 Visualization Challenge
J. Nesbit and C. Norman


All stories by K. Minogue

Illustration: First Place
Human Immunodeficiency Virus 3D
Illustration: Honorable Mention
AraNet: A Genome-Wide Gene Function Association Network for Arabidopsis thaliana
Illustration: Honorable Mention
Enterobacteria Phage T4
Illustration: Honorable Mention
Proposed Structure of Yeast Mitotic Spindle
Informational Graphics: First Place
Introduction to Fungi
Informational Graphics: Honorable Mention
Everyone Ever in the World
Photography: First Place
Rough Waters
Photography: Honorable Mention
TRICHOMES (Hairs) on the Seed of the Common Tomato
Photography: Honorable Mention
Centipede Millirobot
Noninteractive Multimedia: First Place
Noninteractive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
GPS and Relativity
Noninteractive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
Noninteractive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
Computer Simulation of a Binary Quasar
Noninteractive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
Visualization of the Whole Brain Catalog


Slide Show


Browse the bold and unique images and multimedia that represent the winners in the 2010 Visualization Challenge Slide Show.

Science Podcast

The 18 February podcast features interviews with one of the judges and the first-place winner in the informational graphics category.

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