Special Issue | 25 July 2014Vanishing fauna

INTRODUCTIONScience's special section on vanishing fauna addresses the widely accepted issue that human activity is speeding the demise of many animal species through the destruction of wild lands, the consumption of animals as resources or luxuries, and the persecution of species that humans view as threats or competitors—but the socio-economic drivers of this defaunation can be complex. This special section highlights Earth's disappearing animals as well as the complications that arise when humans try to conserve them. [Read the special section introduction.]


The empty forest

A beleaguered national park in Borneo hints at what can happen when animals disappear.

An animal-rich future

Animals are integral to humanity’s future.

Defaunation in the Anthropocene

Increasing global loss of animals has ecosystem consequences.

Reversing defaunation: Restoring species in a changing world

Hopeful attempts to reverse animal declines and extinctions face tough challenges.

Wildlife decline and social conflict

Policies aimed at reducing wildlife-related conflict must address the underlying causes.
Book Review

Our once and future planet

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