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In the 2 September 2011 issue, Science highlights how the this new field is contributing to our understanding of biology and harnessing this understanding to benefit humanity.

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INTRODUCTION [FREE ACCESS]The Allure of Synthetic Biology
NewsThe Life Hacker
He is a pioneer of genome sequencing, but Harvard University's George Church wants to do more than read DNA.
NewsAlgae's Second Try
Fifteen years ago, the U.S. gave up on algal-based biofuels; now synthetic biology has helped revitalize the field.
NewsA Lab of Their Own
Do-it-yourself biologists have set up a community lab that combines synthetic biology with art, fun, and perhaps profit.
NewsVisions of Synthetic Biology
Artists embrace synthetic biology as a tool, but not necessarily as a promising way for the future.
ReviewSynthetic Biology: Integrated Gene Circuits
Fundamental biological understanding can be obtained at the interface between the natural and the synthetic.
ReviewSynthetic Biology Moving into the Clinic
Biomedical applications of synthetic biology include treatment of infection diseases, vaccine development, and regenerative medicine.
PerspectiveBottom-Up Synthetic Biology: Engineering in a Tinkerer's World
Is the systematic construction of biological systems, with cells being built module by module, even possible?
Policy ForumSynthetic Biology: Regulating Industry Uses of New Biotechnologies
The current framework for regulating R&D of commercial biotechnology products can serve as a basis for regulating synthetic biology.
Science Podcast
A special show all about synthetic biology, from clinical applications and regulatory issues to the do-it-yourself biology movement.

From Science Careers

A Father-and-Son Journey Into Synthetic Biology
Justin Siegel rationally engineered unnatural enzymes partly thanks to technology his dad helped develop.

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