Special Issue | 06 June 2014Rethinking the global supply chain

Science's special section on rethinking the global supply chain examines how traceability, measurement, and standardization might tame an unwieldy web. Read the full introduction.

Credit: © Ralph D. Freso/Reuters/Corbis



The information highway gets physical

The Physical Internet would move goods the way its namesake moves data.

Emerging approaches, challenges and opportunities in life cycle assessment

Assessing the life cycles of supply chains supports environmentally informed decision making.

Humanity’s unsustainable environmental footprint

Our carbon, materials, and ecological footprints are exceeding maximum sustainable levels.

Slowing Amazon deforestation through public policy and interventions in beef and soy supply chains

Interventions in soy and beef supply chains have contributed to decline in deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

The science of sustainable supply chains

Weak links in translating data for decision-makers has led to the failure to measure and manage supply chain impacts.

The whole chain

Supply chains can be optimized by considering them as sustainable wholes rather than as isolated parts.
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