Special Issue | 21 November 2014Exploring the skin

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An extreme close-up of the skin on a human hand. This special issue of Science explores the basic biology of mammalian skin in health and disease.

Photo: © Joe McNally


This special issue of Science, presents an overview of some of the basic aspects of skin biology and how advances in our understanding are leading to positive benefits in the treatment of skin conditions, wounds, and diseases. Read the full introduction.

21 November 2014 | News

Shedding light on skin color

Nina Jablonski explores how it evolved—and what happens when it does not match the environment.


3 December 2014 | Science Translational Medicine Review

Wound repair and regeneration: Mechanisms, signaling, and translation

Highlights emerging concepts in tissue regeneration and repair, and provides perspectives on how to translate current knowledge into viable clinical approaches for treating patients with wound-healing pathologies.

21 November 2014 | Review

Mammalian skin cell biology: At the interface between laboratory and clinic

Recent insights into the cell biology of skin.

21 November 2014 | Review

Advances in skin grafting and treatment of cutaneous wounds

Wound healing and current approaches and challenges in the field with an emphasis on skin transplantation.
21 November 2014 | Review

The melanoma revolution: From UV carcinogenesis to a new era in therapeutics

The benefits and limitations of current therapies and prospects for melanoma prevention and therapy.
21 November 2014 | Review

The gentle touch receptors of mammalian skin

Cutaneous mechanosensory end organs and low-threshold mechanoreceptors responsible for our sense of touch.
21 November 2014 | Review

Dialogue between skin microbiota and immunity

The intricate interactions of microbes and immune cells on the surface of the skin.

My skin my story

These videos, produced in conjunction with students at Imperial College London's Science Communication Unit, take a personal approach to a sometimes public, sometimes very private topic.





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