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Autonomous machines have gripped our imagination ever since the first robot flickered on the silver screen in the 1927 film, Metropolis. Read the full introduction to the 10 October special section of Science.


10 October 2014 | News

Meet your new co-worker

At the vanguard of human-robot interactions is Baxter, a bot quick on the uptake that even knows how to cheat.

Brain Corporation

10 October 2014 | News

Minds of their own

Novel neuromorphic chips and software should provide robots with unrivaled perceptual skills.

10 October 2014 | News

Getting a feel for the world

To be fully autonomous, robots must be able to make sense of their surroundings.
10 October 2014 | News

Helping robots see the big picture

A computational approach called deep learning has transformed machine vision.

Kenn Brown

10 October 2014 | News

In our own image

Will humans be more comfortable living with robots that look less like machines and more like pets—or ourselves?
10 October 2014 | News

Humans need not apply

Machines are poised to take over as rescuers and reporters.
10 October 2014 | News

The accidental roboticist

John Long wondered how life developed the capacity to evolve—so he unloosed a fleet of robot tadpoles.

Nico Zevallos

10 October 2014 | News

Q&A: Robots and the law

As robots take on societal roles that were once the province of humans, they are creating new legal dilemmas.


10 October 2014 | Review

Biorobotics: Using robots to emulate and investigate agile locomotion

Animal mechanics are used to design robots, and conversely, robots are used as tools to study animal locomotion.
10 October 2014 | Report

Sidewinding with minimal slip: Snake and robot ascent of sandy slopes

Robots based on sidewinder rattlesnakes are used to understand motion on sloped granular terrain.
10 October 2014 | Perspective

Of snakes and robots

How can snakes and robots move up sandy slopes?

VIDEO: Sidewinders to the Rescue

Robotic snakes learn from the real thing, to take on sandy inclines.

VIDEO: Robots from Science and beyond

Sidewinder Snake


Tiny robots take wing

Touching breakthrough

Human or machine?

LS3: Follow tight

Ping Pong: Man vs robot

Valkyrie: NASA's superhero


Science Translational Medicine

Video: A touching breakthrough

A new neural interface gives touch sensation to prosthetics.

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