In the 29 July 2011 issue, Science examines the opportunities and challenges created by demographic changes around the world.

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Doom or Vroom? (FREE ACCESS)


9 Billion?

A collection of data and infographics presenting facts on the current and projected state of world population.

Science Podcast

Online Extra A special show all about population, from the major demographic shift of the Neolithic to the regional youth bulges of today. (FREE ACCESS)


Reviews and Analysis


7 Billion and Counting

with Interactive Graphic

The Outlook for Population Growth

with Interactive Graphic
Policy Forum

Population Policy in Transition In The Developing World


India's Demographic Change: Opportunities and Challenges

with Interactive Graphic

Global Human Capital: Integrating Education and Population

with Interactive Graphic

Science Translational Medicine


Losing The War Against Obesity: The Need For A Developmental Perspective

Recent scientific insights into early-life contributions to the adult obesity epidemic must now be translated into interventions.

Science Careers

Special Series

Science in Namibia

A new series highlights what it's like to do science in different parts of the world, starting with Namibia.

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