Special Issue | 16 August 2013Smarter Pest Control

Science's Special Issue on Smarter Pest Control includes news and reviews on the plant immune system, pesticide's effect on young brains, and preventing suicides by locking up pesticides.

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The Pesticide Paradox

The potentially serious threats they pose to human health and the environment have led to a series of bans on the most dangerous chemicals and to calls to go much further.

Current Challenges and Trends in the Discovery of Agrochemicals

Cutting edge chemistry is applied to enhance the efficiency and specificity of pesticides.

Pivoting the Plant Immune System from Dissection to Deployment

Understanding how plants defend against pests and infections provides insight for developing crops that are less susceptible to herbivores and diseases, and thus less in need of pesticides.

Evaluating Pesticide Degradation in the Environment: Blind Spots and Emerging Opportunities

As pesticides break down in the environment, potentially hazardous transformation products may remain.

Wildlife Ecotoxicology of Pesticides: Can We Track Effects to the Population Level and Beyond?

Lab studies have revealed negative effects of pesticides on non-target species at the level of the individual, however, we still do not fully understand how these translate into unintended impacts on wildlife populations.

Unlocking the Mystery of Bee Health, Without a Moment to Lose

The global decline of the honey bee, a major domestic pollinator of many crops, exemplifies how complex the factors are that contribute to agricultural production.
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Pesticide Planet

The world uses billions of kilograms of pesticides every year. They help increase yields and prevent diseases, but they also have unintended effects on the health of people, animals, and ecosystems.


A global look at the uses, benefits, and drawbacks of pesticides.

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A Lethal Dose of RNA

A new generation of genetically modified crops will kill insects by silencing their genes.
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The War Against Weeds Down Under

For decades, Australia’s wheat farmers have had the worst weed problem in the world. Now, nonchemical weapons are helping to turn the tide.
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Vietnam Turns Back a ‘Tsunami of Pesticides’

Convincing Vietnamese rice farmers to use less pesticide came down to letting them see the benefits for themselves.
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In Rural Asia, Locking Up Poisons to Prevent Suicides

Pesticide ingestion accounts for one-third of the world’s suicides. Can a simple plastic lockbox keep toxic chemicals out of desperate people’s hands?
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Growing Up With Pesticides

Long-term studies of the effects of pesticides and other environmental chemicals on the very young brain are coming up with worrisome results.


Pesticide Planet

pesticide infographic
Insights into the benefits of pesticides and how it harms the environment and people worldwide.

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