Special Issue | 31 October 2014The aging brain

Mark Bastin & Dave Liewald, Brain Research Imaging Centre, Univ. of Edinburgh

This Special Issue of Science looks at the mechanisms and contexts of successful brain aging and whether or not we should consider aging a natural part of life or an illness. Read the full introduction

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The aging brain

Should we consider aging a natural part of life or an illness?

Starting young

Decades-old IQ test records from Scottish children have opened a unique window on how the brain ages.

Human cognitive aging: Corriger la fortune?

The active and socially engaged life promotes successful cognitive aging.

Plasticity of the aging brain: New directions in cognitive neuroscience

Neuroimaging studies thoughout the human lifespan show that changes in brain function with age may reflect different ways of handling information.

Language in the aging brain: The network dynamics of cognitive decline and preservation

The language functions of the brain remain robust throughout the lifespan.

Economic and social implications of aging societies

Changing rates of fertility and mortality will change the structure of populations in the coming decades, demanding compensating changes in economies and governments.

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