Special Issue: HIV/AIDS in America

The Many States of HIV in America—Treatment as prevention promises to help the infected and dramatically slow the spread of the virus, but the epidemic's changing demographics present myriad challenges in this diverse country. This spring, Science met with HIV-infected people, at-risk communities, researchers, caregivers, health officials, and advocates in 10 U.S. cities, traveling to the Deep South and the West and East coasts to see the varied epidemics and the local responses up close. [Read the full article]

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The biggest challenge the country faces today is diagnosing all of its HIV-infected people and helping them take full advantage of the existing treatments, which both stave off disease and make people less infectious.


Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Present New Prospects to Counter Highly Antigenically Diverse Viruses

The recent discovery of several new broadly neutralizing antibodies specific for HIV, influenza, and hepatitis C virus may provide new insights into vaccine development.

An AIDS-Free Generation?

The World Health Organization must enable countries to implement combination antiretroviral therapies and prophylaxis to combat HIV/AIDS.
Data Table

CDC's HIV Testing and Prevention Funding in FY 2011 and '12

In an effort to move money for HIV testing and prevention to the regions that have the most infections, the CDC in fiscal year 2012 began to make major adjustments in HIV funding.

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Getting HIV Treatment to the Most People

Delivering HIV care effectively and ensuring long-term retention of patients requires innovative strategies and tools—and policies that enable their widespread use.
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The View From the Top of the HIV/AIDS World

Science spends a day with immunologist and clinician Anthony Fauci, head of the single largest funder of HIV/AIDS research.
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A Capitol Job for a Midwestern Transplant

Tiffany West helped turn Washington, DC's HIV/AIDS effort into a widely admired program.
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Out of India

Moupali Das's roots led her to public health and caring for HIV/AIDS patients.

Cover Stories: A Photojournalist's Journey

For this week's cover, photographer Malcolm Linton once again puts a human face on the evolving HIV/AIDS story.

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Other Resources

AIDSVu (www.aidsvu.org)

The AIDSVu Interactive Map charts HIV infections in the United States county by county. Created by the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, the map takes surveillance data gathered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and puts it into a heat map of each county in 44 of the 50 cooperating states. The brainchild of epidemiologist Patrick Sullivan, who worked on HIV/AIDS surveillance at CDC for 14 years before leaving for Emory in 2008, the map makes mind-numbing data come to life.