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Food Security

In the 12 February 2010 issue, Science examines the obstacles to achieving global food security and some promising solutions. News articles introduce farmers and researchers who are finding ways to boost harvests, especially in the developing world. Reviews, Perspectives, and an audio interview provide a broader context for the causes and effects of food insecurity and point to paths to ending hunger. A special podcast includes interviews about measuring food insecurity, rethinking agriculture, and reducing meat consumption. And Science Careers looks at interdisciplinary careers associated with food security. Science is making access to this special section FREE (non-subscribers require a simple registration).

In Science


Feeding the Future  >
Caroline Ash, Barbara R. Jasny, David A. Malakoff,
Andrew M. Sugden
Online ExtraAudio Feature  >
Science intern Lan-Vy Ngo, a senior at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA, talks with Dr. John Hoddinott, a senior policy fellow at IFPRI, about worldwide food security.
Online ExtraScience Podcast: Food Security >
An all–food security show includes interviews on food insecurity and possible solutions.
Online ExtraVideo: Feeding the Future >
Concerns about food security are growing as the global population climbs to a projected peak of 9 billion by 2050. This audio slide show introduces Science's 12 February 2010 special issue and the challenges of addressing food security, particularly in the developing world. Watch the video.


From One Farmer, Hope— and Reason for Worry >
Gaia Vince
Getting More Drops To The Crops >
Gaia Vince
China's Push to Add by Subtracting Fertilizer >
Mara Hvistendahl
Sowing the Seeds for the Ideal Crop >
Elizabeth Pennisi
Armed and Dangerous >
Elizabeth Pennisi
Holding Back a Torrent of Rats >
Dennis Normile
Spoiling for a Fight With Mold >
Dennis Normile
Dialing Up Knowledge—and Harvests >
Richard Stone
What It Takes to Make That Meal >
Could Less Meat Mean More Food? >
Erik Stokstad
For More Protein, Filet of Cricket >
Gretchen Vogel



Food Security: The Challenge of Feeding 9 Billion People >
H. C. J. Godfray et al.
Breeding Technologies to Increase Crop Production in a Changing World >
M. Tester and P. Langridge


Smart Investments in Sustainable Food Production: Revisiting Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems >
M. Herrero et al.
Measuring Food Insecurity >
C. B. Barrett
Precision Agriculture and Food Security >
R. Gebbers and V. I. Adamchuk
African Green Revolution Needn't Be a Mirage >
G. Ejeta
Radically Rethinking Agriculture for the 21st
N. V. Fedoroff et al.

Also of Interest in This Issue:

Editorial: Reaping the Benefits of Crop Research
David Baulcombe

Policy Forum:Sustainability and Global Seafood
M. D. Smith et al.

Science Express Report:Significant Acidification in Major Chinese Croplands
J. H. Guo et al.

In Science Careers

Plant Geneticist Cultivating a Future for Peanut Farming in Uganda >
G. Vince
David Kalule Okello is one of Uganda’s weapons in the battle against hunger.
Careers in Food Security Span Several Disciplines >
C. Janes
Feeding the planet is an urgent issue that needs scientists in many different fields.