Special Issue | 3 May 2013Exoplanets

In this Special Issue from Science, we present news and reviews on how to hunt an exoplanet, discover its properties, and undertake the final crucial step: determining habitability.

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Alien Worlds Galore

We knew they had to be there. Once people realized that the sun is a star and that the planets travel around it, it was only natural to suspect that other stars had planets of their own.
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A Gallery of Planet Hunters

Science presents an overview of planet-hunting techniques and representative efforts for the nearly 900 confirmed exoplanets and the hundreds of fresh candidates that are turning up every month.
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And a Glossary of Their Quarry

The A to Z of exoplanets.

Observed Properties of Extrasolar Planets

Measurements of the properties of extrasolar planets show that planetary systems are abundant yet diverse in their masses, sizes, and orbital architectures.

Exoplanetary Habitability

Because exoplanets are so diverse, exoplanetary habitabity needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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