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In the 29 October 2010 issue, Science delves into various aspects of epigenetics, which involves the inheritance of variation above and beyond changes in DNA sequence. Reviews and Perspectives examine various epigenetic mechanisms and their roles in development, and provide insight into paramutation and prions.

Papers in Science Signaling discuss signaling pathways that alter epigenetic patterning, posttranscriptional regulation of signaling molecules by microRNAs, and transcriptional networks; a paper in Science Translational Medicine describes the use of epigenetic markers to predict which liver cancer patients will respond to an anticancer drug; and Science Careers traces careers embracing a translational approach to epigenetics.

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What is Epigenetics?
G. Riddihough and L.M. Zahn
Online ExtraVideo Portal: Defining Epigenetics
Senior editor Guy Riddihough taps experts for their definition of epigenetics.


Molecular Signals of Epigenetic States
R. Bonasio et al.
A Small-RNA Perspective on Gametogenesis, Fertilization, and Early Zygotic Development
D. Bourc'his and O. Voinnet
Epigenetic Reprogramming in Plant and Animal Development
S. Feng et al.


Paramutation’s Properties and Puzzles
V. L. Chandler
Epigenetics in the Extreme: Prions and the Inheritance of Environmentally Acquired Traits
R. Halfmann and S. Lindquist

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News Focus
Epigenetics 'Dream Team' Takes On Cancer
J. Kaiser
>> Plus related podcast interview
A Size Threshold Limits Prion Transmission and Establishes Phenotypic Diversity
A. Derdowski et al.
Epigenome Disruptors
M. Hemberger and R. Pedersen

In Science Translational Medicine