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Defeating the Dementors


Synaptic Dysfunction in Depression: Potential Therapeutic Targets

Depression causes neuronal atrophy and decreased synaptic connections in brain areas that control emotion, mood, and cognition.


Depression and Hippocampal Neurogenesis: A Road to Remission?

Adult hippocampal neurogenesis as a possible target for the treatment of depression.

Are We Getting Closer to Valid Translational Models for Major Depression?

Developing appropriate animal models of depression continues to be a substantial challenge.


The Science of Resilience: Implications for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression

Finding the reasons why some individuals are more protected against depression than others might improve future therapies.
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Theory and Simulation in Neuroscience

A review of the interaction of theory and simulation using examples of top-down and bottom-up studies and some current developments in the fields of computational and theoretical neuroscience.
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The Burden of Mood Disorders

Reducing the burdens of mood disorders requires major shifts in research, clinical practice, and public health by incorporating multidisciplinary models of intervention.

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HCN1 Channels: A New Therapeutic Target for Depressive Disorders?

Inhibition of hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated channels may relieve depression.
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Inflammatory Factors Contribute to Depression and Its Comorbid Conditions

Manipulation of pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators may improve treatments for depression.

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Next Generation Treatments for Mental Disorders

New approaches are needed for developing next generation treatments for mental disorders.
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Revolution Stalled

Drug discovery for psychiatric disorders is at a near standstill.
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