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For biomaterials to move from the lab to clinical use, engineers, surgeons, physicists, and biologists all increasingly need to work together.

Science News

China’s Push in Tissue Engineering

Valued for their innovation potential, biomaterials efforts in China prosper.
Science Review

Multifunctional Nanoparticles: Cost Versus Benefit of Adding Targeting and Imaging Capabilities

There is a need to balance complexity and functionality in designing nanoparticles for drug delivery.
Science Review

Soft Matter Models of Developing Tissues and Tumors

Studying the rheological behavior of model materials can reveal a lot about the mechanical responses of biological tissues.
Science Review

Unlike Bone, Cartilage Regeneration Remains Elusive

It has proven much easier to regenerate bone than cartilage, despite the greater simplicity of cartilage.
Science Review

Printing and Prototyping of Tissues and Scaffolds

Printing and prototyping technologies are finding wide application in making biomaterials and material scaffolds.
Sci. Transl. Med. Editorial

Regenerative Engineering

The future of tissue regeneration lies in "regenerative engineering," with biomaterials playing a key role.
Sci. Transl. Med Commentary

What Is the Greatest Regulatory Challenge in the Translation of Biomaterials to the Clinic?

Leaders in the field comment on what they perceive to be the greatest barriers to biomaterial translation.
Sci. Transl. Med Perspective

Building Vascular Networks

Advances in generating vascular networks in biomaterials may aid translation of tissue engineering technologies.
Sci. Transl. Med Perspective

Dynamic Microenvironments: The Fourth Dimension

Four-dimensional cell matrices that recapitulate tissue and organ function will aid in the translation of cell-based therapies.
Sci. Transl. Med Review

Engineering Complex Tissues

Advances in tissue engineering technologies will enable regeneration of complex tissues and organs.
Sci. Transl. Med Review

Designing Regenerative Biomaterial Therapies for the Clinic

Several academic, regulatory, and clinical aspects should be considered when moving biomaterials from the lab to the patient.
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Bodybuilding: The Bionic Human

Will off-the-shelf body parts routinely replace injured or diseased tissue? This special section highlights how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.