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In a special section the 9 July 2010 issue, Science correspondent Jon Cohen looks at the state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia and Ukraine, which account for more than 90% of HIV infections in Eastern Europe. A Review article examines the biology underlying HIV persistence and potential interventions that may lead to a cure, and related commentary and research papers discuss aspects of HIV prevention and possible treatment. Science Careers profiles a Russian epidemiologist studying HIV transmission in St. Petersburg and Science Translational Medicine offers a Perspective and podcast on progress in antiretroviral therapy. Finally, a photo essay featuring the work of photographer Malcolm Linton, with commentary by Jon Cohen, as well as a podcast segment, highlight efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe.

In Science


HIV/AIDS: Eastern Europe >
Barbara Jasny, Kristen Mueller, Leslie Roberts


Late for the Epidemic: HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe >
Jon Cohen
No Opiate Substitutes For the Masses of IDUs >
Jon Cohen
Praised Russian Prevention Program Faces Loss of Funds >
Jon Cohen
Law Enforcement and Drug Treatment: A Culture Clash >
Jon Cohen
HIV Moves In on Homeless Youth >
Jon Cohen
Reducing HIV Infection and Abandoment of Babies >
Jon Cohen
HIV/AIDS Investigators Few and Far Between >
Jon Cohen


HIV Persistence and the Prospect of Long-Term Drug-Free Remissions for HIV-Infected Individuals >
D. Trono et al.


Online Extras

Photo EssayPhoto Essay: HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe
A gallery of images featuring researchers, clinicians, advocates, and affected individuals in Russia and Ukraine. Photos by Malcolm Linton, with commentary by Jon Cohen.
Online ExtraScience Podcast >
Science correspondent Jon Cohen talks about the state of HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe.

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AIDS Response at a Crossroads
Jessica Justman and Wafaa M. El-Sadr

Science Express Report:

Rational Design of Envelope Identifies Broadly Neutralizing Human Monoclonal Antibodies to HIV-1
X. Wu et al.

Science Express Research Article:

Structural Basis for Broad and Potent Neutralization of HIV-1 by Antibody VRC01
T. Zhou et al.

Policy Forums:

Gender Inequities Must Be Addressed in HIV Prevention >
R. Jewkes
Universal Access in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS >
F. Girard et al.

In Science Translational Medicine

Perspective: Twenty-Five Years of Translational Medicine in Antiretroviral Therapy—Promises to Keep >
Samuel Broder
Early translational research on dideoxynucleoside drugs set HIV-1/AIDS on a hopeful path.
Online ExtraScience Translational Medicine Podcast >
Samuel Broder and Annalisa M. VanHook
A conversation with the Perspective author.

In Science Careers

Getting to Know the Enemy >
Elisabeth Pain
Russian epidemiologist Elena Dukhovlinova studies genetic diversity and transmission of HIV circulating in St. Petersburg.