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14 July 2006

20060714Arginylation of Beta Actin Regulates Actin Cytoskeleon and Cell Motility>
Anna Kashina Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
While post-translational modifications such as phosphorylation and glycosylation are well characterized, the function of arginylation, or the addition of arginine to the N-terminus of proteins, remains a mystery. In this Science Online Seminar, Dr. Anna Kashina, at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses the role of arginylation of beta actin in vivo. These findings indicate that posttranslational arginylation of a single protein target, beta actin, can regulate its intracellular function, inducing global changes on the cellular level, and may contribute to cardiovascular development and angiogenesis.

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30 June 2006

20060630Pre-mRNA splicing requires proofreading of U2AF/3' splice site recognition by DEK>
Juan Valcárcel, ICREA and Centre de Regulacio Genomica
Juan Valcárcel discusses his lab's work characterizing a novel mechanism for 3' splice site discrimination involving DEK, a chromatin-associated protein implicated in autoimmunity and cancer.

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16 June 2006

20060616Examining Natural Selection in Humans>
Stephen S. Schaffner and Pardis C. Sabeti, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Stephen Schaffner and Pardis Sabeti review the approaches for detecting natural selection in humans using genome-wide data surveys, describe results from recent studies examining genome-wide data sets and discuss the prospects and challenges ahead.

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