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Applying New Imaging Techniques to your Research: Image Banner

Applying New Imaging Techniques to your Research: Advice From The Experts

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
12 noon Eastern, 9 a.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. UK

The resolution of light microscopy was long thought to be limited by the wavelength of light, but recent advances have far surpassed this barrier and the most recent technologies are now allowing for the super-resolution imaging of biomolecules at a subcellular level, including the visualizing membrane glycoproteins, observing physical interactions between proteins, and studying cellular processes in 3-D. This webinar will explore how some of the latest technologies can be applied and implemented to advance your research.

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Our expert panel will:

  • Share their experiences using cutting-edge microscopy technologies
  • Discuss the advantages, challenges, and limitations of current systems
  • Provide advice on how you can best apply these technologies
  • Answer questions submitted by you!


  • Clare M. Waterman, Ph.D.
    National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, NIH
    Bethesda, MD
  • Hari Shroff, Ph.D.
    National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH
    Bethesda, MD
  • Sriram Subramaniam, Ph.D.
    National Cancer Institute, NIH
    Bethesda, MD
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The Hunt for Missing Heritability: Challenges and Opportunities for Novel Locus Discovery in Non-European Populations: Image Banner

The Hunt for Missing Heritability: Challenges and Opportunities for Novel Locus Discovery in Non-European Populations

Recorded Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Characterizing the genetics of complex diseases has, to date, focused on common variants and predominantly on populations of European descent. GWAS methodologies have been successful in uncovering novel susceptibility loci for common disorders but the heritability of many disorders remains to be explained. Now, a growing number of investigators are looking beyond European cohorts to study common and rare variants in populations around the world, including African, Asian, and other ancestries in the hunt for novel susceptibility genes.

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The thought-leaders on our webinar panel will:

  • Discuss how population genetics integrates with the genetics of complex disease to reveal novel disease genes
  • Describe how the discovery of population-specific rare variants expands our understanding of complex diseases
  • Explain the importance of population-optimized strategies and tools that account for differences in genetic diversity and population admixture


  • Charles Rotimi, Ph.D.
    National Institutes of Health
    Bethesda, MD
  • Carlos Bustamante, Ph.D.
    Stanford University School of Medicine
    Stanford, CA
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