Science Functional Genomics

In the past several years, the World Wide Web has exploded with information on genomics, post-genomics, and bioinformatics. In this section of Science Functional Genomics, we offer a guide to some of the more interesting, useful, or just plain offbeat Web resources out there for the genomics specialist, the scientist in a related (or unrelated) field, and the curious layperson. We've attempted to organize these resources under some useful headings; in the future weeks and months we'll be posting additional resources in categories such as gene therapy. Stop back frequently to get a reading on the Web's latest offerings. (And don't forget to check out our pages on educational resources and the biotech business.)

Featured scientific sites
A brief introduction to some of the Web's most useful and interesting sites for genomic and postgenomic science, selected and reviewed by contributing editor Kevin Ahern. The featured sites change periodically, so come back often.
Research centers
A substantial, alphabetical index of links to the top centers worldwide in genomics, postgenomics, and bioinformatics.
Model organisms
A compendium of interesting model organism resources, from Arabidopsis to zebrafish. Plus: Quick-search links to electronic databases, auto e-mail alert services, and more.
Sequence data
Links to resources for nucleotide, genome, and protein sequences, sequence scanning and annotation, expressed sequence tag (EST) records, and more.
Expression data
General resources on gene expression, data handling, and microarrays.
Protein structure and function
A collection of databases and search engines for protein science, plus some nifty sites on protein imaging and molecular motion.
A growing list of pointers to resources for this burgeoning science.
Useful websites and databases on chromatin, histones, gene silencing, and other forms of non-sequence-based regulation of gene expression.
Medical genomics
Links on the disease involvements of genes and proteins, as well as some of the societal implications of gene medicine.
Genome maps
Pointers to some of the interesting maps online. Plus: Some thoughts on what goes into an excellent genome viewer, by contributing editor Jeff Plautz.

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