Special Feature: International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge 2008

Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2008NSF/Science Magazine

In the journal's 26 September 2008 issue, Science, in partnership with the National Science Foundation, presents the winners and honorable mentions in the sixth annual International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge.

The articles linked on this page describe the accomplishments of the creative and gifted scientists, artists, and others who put the winning entries together, and an online slide presentation showcases the competition's winners and honorable mentions.

In addition, in a segment of the Science Podcast, one of the competition's judges talks about what goes into a winning scientific image. All material is freely available for all site visitors.

In Science




Browse the striking sights, sounds, and motion that represent the winners in the 2008 Visualization Challenge Slide Show.

On the Science Podcast

Science's Rachel Zelkowitz interviews Alisa Machalek, one of the judges, in this segment of the 26 September Podcast.

Previous Years' Competitions


2008 Visualization Challenge>
Jeff Nesbit and Monica Bradford


All stories by R. Zelkowitz

Photography: First Place
The Glass Forest>
Photography: Honorable Mention
String Vibrations>
Photography: Honorable Mention
Squid Suckers: The Little Monsters That Feed The Beast>
Photography: Honorable Mention
Illustration: First Place
Zoom into the Human Bloodstream>
Illustration: Honorable Mention
Visualizing the Bible>
Illustration: Honorable Mention
3D Imaging of Mammalian Cells With Ion-Abrasion Scanning Electron Microscopy>
Informational Graphics: First Place
"Mad Hatter's Tea" from Alice's Adventures in a Microscopic Wonderland>
Informational Graphics: Honorable Mention
Stream Micro-ecology: Life in a Biofilm>
Interactive Multimedia: First Place
Genomics Digital Lab: Plant Cells>
Interactive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
Exploring Life's Origins>
Noninteractive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
A Window into Life>
Noninteractive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
Smarter than the Worm>
Noninteractive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
Fighting Infection by Clonal Selection>