Special Feature: Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2006

Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2006NSF/Science MagazineScience and the National Science Foundation are pleased to announce the winners of the fourth annual Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. The links on this page will take you to articles describing the accomplishments of the creative and gifted scientists, artists, and others who put the winning entries together, as well as an online slide presentation that showcases the competition's winners and honorable mentions. All material is freely available for all site visitors.

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2006 Visualization Challenge>
Jeff Nesbit and Monica Bradford


All stories by R. Chatterjee

Photography: First Place
An Egyptian Child Mummy>
Photography: Second Place
Cockroach Portrait>
Illustration: First Place
Still Life: Five Glass Surfaces on a Tabletop>
Illustration: Second Place
A Da Vinci Blackboard Lesson in Multi-Conceptual Anatomy>
Illustration: Honorable Mention
The Handwritten Letter "e">
Informational Graphics: First Place
Hawaii, the Highest Mountain on Earth>
Informational Graphics: Second Place
Mona Lisa Montage>
Informational Graphics: Honorable Mention
Materials Informatics>
Noninteractive Multimedia: First Place (tie)
Flight Patterns>
Noninteractive Multimedia: First Place (tie)
Body Code>
Noninteractive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
A Short Tour of the Cryosphere>



Browse the striking sights, sounds, and motion that represent the winners in this year's visualization challenge in our 2006 Visualization Challenge Slide Show. Each slide links to high-resolution images, video clips, interactive features, and other online-only items.

THE WINNERS (continued)

Interactive Multimedia: First Place
Cerebral Vasculature of Craniopagus Conjoined Twins>
Interactive Multimedia: Second Place
A Real-Time Audio and Video Sound Visualization Tool>
Interactive Multimedia: Honorable Mention
Cardiac Bioelectricity and Arrhythmias>