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The Sea Urchin GenomeThis week, Science and its online companion site the Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment (STKE) describe the sequencing of the genome of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus and initial insights obtained from the sequence. In Science, a Research Article and Report detail the sea urchin genome and transcriptome, while Review and Perspective articles explore the ecological role of purple sea urchins, genomic insights into their immune systems, and paleogenomic studies of sea urchins and their spiny skinned relatives. Online, an interactive poster and podcast segment highlight the contributions of sea urchins to fundamental principles of cell biology, developmental biology and gene regulation. And articles in STKE look at the signaling mechanisms involved in sea urchin embryogenesis. (Note: All articles in the Science sea urchin special section, as well as the interactive poster and podcast, are free to all site visitors.)

In Science


The Glorious Sea Urchin  >
B. R. Jasny and B. A. Purnell
Poster: The Sea Urchin


The Sea Urchin Genome: Where Will It Lead Us?  >
E. H. Davidson
Ecological Role of Purple Sea Urchins  >
J. S. Pearse


The Genome of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus  >
Sea Urchin Genome Sequencing Consortium


Genomic Insights Into the Immune System of the Sea Urchin  >
J. P. Rast et al.
Paleogenomics of Echinoderms  >
D. J. Bottjer et al.


The Transcriptome of the Sea Urchin Embryo  >
M. P. Samanta et al.



Sea urchin biologist David McClay of Duke University discusses the significance of the sea urchin and its historical place in studies of development, gene regulation, and systems biology. (Flash 8 or higher required.)

video feature

For more video, visit the interactive version of the special sea urchin poster in this issue.

Interactive Poster

interactive poster

A special online version of the poster packaged with this week's print issue, featuring additional images, video, and other resources. (Flash 8 or higher required.)

On the Science Podcast

On this week's Science Podcast, we interview project leader Eric Davidson about the sea urchin genome effort.

In Science's Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment


Focus Issue: Spiky Signalers from the Sea  >
L. B. Ray
The sea urchin genome reveals surprises in the cell signaling arena.


Deciphering Mechanisms of Specification and Differentiation: The Sea Urchin Gene Regulatory Network  >
S. Ben-Tabou de-Leon and E. H. Davidson
Regulatory circuits of transcription factors and signaling molecules can turn an egg into an embryo.


The Emergence of Pattern in Embryogenesis: Regulation of β-catenin Localization during Early Sea Urchin Development  >
C. A. Ettensohn
Mechanisms by which localized signaling molecules specify axis formation during development show species-specific differences.