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In a special collection of articles published beginning 6 February 2004, Science Magazine and its online companion sites teamed up to explore one of the hottest interdisciplinary collaborations in science today: the interface between mathematics and biology. In Science, News, Viewpoint, and Review articles covered how mathematics and computation are informing biology on a wide variety of fronts, the need for incorporating quantitative approaches into bioscience curricula, and some of the uses -- and abuses -- of mathematical models for biological systems. The Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment focused on computational models of cell signaling, with Reviews, Protocols, and a special discussion forum. The Science of Aging Knowledge Environment looked at mathematical approaches to studying several issues of interest to the aging-research community. And Science's Next Wave offered a month-long series on careers at the math-biology interface.

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Perspective: From Genes to Societies
O. Rueppell, G. V. Amdam, R. E. Page Jr., J. R. Carey

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