The Macaque Genome: Interactive Poster and Teaching Resource

Macaque Genome Teaching Resource

Macaque Genome teaching resource

Attention educators:Science, in consultation with the AAAS Education and Human Resources Directorate, has prepared "The Macaque Genome: Lessons from Comparative Genomics," a special education resource/lesson plan to accompany the Macaque Genome online interactive poster. The lesson plan is aimed at helping biology students (grades 9-12) understand the importance of the rhesus macaque monkey as a model organism and what comparing the macaque and human genomes can tell us about human biology and evolution. The resource consists of a lesson plan providing context and with links to additional online resources, a teacher background section with information on genomics in general, comparative genomics in particular, and the macaque's place in studies of biomedicine and evolution, and a student question sheet.

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Interactive Poster

Science, with the assistance of a variety of scientists including members of the Macaque Genome Sequencing and Analysis Consortium, has created a poster to accompany its 13 April 2003 special issue marking publication of the complete draft genome sequence of the rhesus macaque. We have prepared an interactive online version of the poster, including high-quality images, additional discussion, video clips, and Web resources not covered in the print version. The interactive poster is available free to all site visitors. (A PDF version of the print poster is also available.)

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