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Education and TechnologyIn the 2 January 2009 issue, Science examines how education is changing in the face of technology. In a special section, News, Perspective, and Review articles explore what one can learn from video games, the value of digital libraries, how large-scale testing might be improved by technology, where cognitive science meets education, and more. In addition, Science Careers highlights an engineer's vision of a paperless classroom; an online video presentation discusses the opportunities and challenges afforded by using technology in education; and a special podcast includes interviews about computer-assisted military training, immersive interfaces for learning, and a cyber home-learning system in Korea.

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Adding a T to the Three R's  >
Pamela J. Hines, Barbara R. Jasny, and Jeffrey Mervis
Online ExtraVideo: Education and Technology  >
A video introduction to Science's special issue on the promises, and challenges, that rapidly changing technology presents for the educational world.
Online ExtraSpecial Education-and-Technology Podcast  >
An all-education show includes interviews on how technology is changing the classroom at all levels.


NSF Rethinks Its Digital Library  >
Jeffrey Mervis
New Landscape for the Earth Sciences >
Jeffrey Mervis
A Nobelist's Passionate Pursuit of Excellence  >
Jeffrey Mervis
A Vision in Search of Funding  >
Jeffrey Mervis
Computers As Writing Instructors  >
Greg Miller
Glow Lights Up Scottish Classrooms  >
Daniel Clery
Korea Tries to Level the Field  >
Dennis Normile
A Personal Tutor for Algebra  >
Yudhijit Bhattacharjee


Immersive Interfaces for Engagement and Learning  >
Chris Dede
Technology and Informal Education: What Is Taught, What Is Learned  >
Patricia M. Greenfield


Education and Training Technology in the Military  >
J. D. Fletcher
Technology and Testing  >
Edys S. Quellmalz and James W. Pellegrino
Video Games: A Route to Large-Scale STEM Education?  >
Merrilea J. Mayo
Laptop Programs for Students  >
Andrew A. Zucker and Daniel Light


Online Education Today  >
A. Frank Mayadas, John Bourne, and Paul Bacsich
Opening Education  >
Marshall S. Smith

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Farewell, Lecture?
Eric Mazur

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Why Peer Discussion Improves Student Performance on In-Class Concept Questions
M. K. Smith et al.

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Smarter Than the Average Desk  >
Angela Saini
Software engineer Andrew Hatch is hoping to create the paperless classroom of the future.