Breakthrough of the Year:  2003

In the 19 December 2003 issue of Science, our News and Editorial departments once again pause to look back at some of the top scientific research and policy stories of the past year. For our online readers, we've added a bonus: links to key references and interesting Web sites related to each story.

To celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, we're making the full text of the online edition of the 19 December 2003 Science, including the Breakthrough of the Year section, available free of charge to all registered users of Science Online. Not registered yet? Sign up now -- or, better yet, become a member of AAAS, and enjoy full-text access to Science Online year-round.

Donald Kennedy
Science302, 2033 (2003)

Breakthrough of the Year:
Illuminating the Dark Universe

Charles Seife
Science302, 2038-2039 (2003)

The Runners-Up
The Science News and Editorial Staff
Science302, 2039-2045 (2003)

Areas to Watch in 2004
The Science News and Editorial Staff
Science302, 2040 (2003)

Scorecard 2002
The Science News and Editorial Staff
Science302, 2041 (2003)

Breakdown of the Year: Space Shuttle Columbia
Andrew Lawler
Science302, 2042 (2003)

SARS: A Pandemic Prevented
Martin Enserink
Science302, 2045 (2003)