Geoengineering: Does Global Warming Require a Drastic Fix?

Melting Greenland ice; credit: Nick Cobbing/Peter Arnold, Inc.

Image Credit:
Nick Cobbing/Peter Arnold, Inc.

Should scientists study novel ways to alter Earth's climate to counteract global warming? On November 8 and 9, a group of prominent researchers who gathered here gave a qualified "yes"--after agreeing that the road to understanding the science is fraught with booby traps and that deliberately tinkering with the climate could make the problem worse.

Read our news coverage of this unusual conference below -- along with the record of a special follow-up discussion of the issue among some noted experts in the field, and previous papers offering additional background.

In the 16 November 2007 Issue

Scientists Say Continued Warming Warrants Closer Look at Drastic Fixes>
Eli Kintisch
Free Online Extra: Geoengineering -- A Discussion>
A discussion with four panelists who attended the conference -- Jim Anderson, Dan Schrag, Sallie Chisholm, and David Victor -- on the scientific, political, and moral issues surrounding geoengineering research.

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