Frazier et al.
Building on the DNA Revolution

In its 11 April 2003 issue, Science presents a special collection of news, viewpoints, and other articles to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the signpost events of modern biology -- the publication of the structure of DNA -- and the new directions in molecular biology that the double-helix discovery has marked out in the subsequent half-century.

Special Section:
Building on the DNA Revolution

Barbara R. Jasny and Leslie Roberts
Science 300, 277 (2003)


A Hothouse of Molecular Biology
Elizabeth Pennisi
Science 300, 278 (2003)
DNA's Cast of Thousands
Elizabeth Pennisi
Science 300, 282 (2003)


The Human Genome Project: Lessons from Large-Scale Biology
Francis S. Collins, Michael Morgan, Aristides Patrinos
Science 300, 286 (2003)
Realizing the Potential of the Genome Revolution: The Genomes to Life Program
Marvin E. Frazier, Gary M. Johnson, David G. Thomassen, Carl E. Oliver, Aristides Patrinos
Science 300, 290 (2003)
From Knowing to Controlling: A Path from Genomics to Drugs Using Small Molecule Probes
Robert L. Strausberg and Stuart L. Schreiber
Science 300, 294 (2003)
Developing a Platform for Genomic Medicine in Mexico
Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez
Science 300, 295 (2003)

Also of Genetic/Genomic Interest


DNA: One Teacher's Reflection
Donald Kennedy
Science 300, 213 (2003)


Perceptions of Science: The Making of an Icon
Soraya de Chadarevian
Science 300, 255 (2003)

News Focus

Recruiting Genes, Proteins for a Revolution in Diagnostics
Robert F. Service
Science 300, 236 (2003)
Putting Gene Arrays to the Test
Malorye Branca
Science 300, 238 (2003)


Defining Genes in the Genomics Era
Michael Snyder and Mark Gerstein
Science 300, 258 (2003)