Weekly Books Received List

Books received at Science during the week ending
Friday, November 21, 2014

Addressing Climate Change
An Illustrated Biography of the Annual United Nations Climate Change Conference. COP18/CMP8, Doha, The State of Qatar
Christopher Hack and Chad Carpenter
Henry Dallal, London, 2014
Hardback: 200 pp., illus. $39.95. ISBN 9781908531537.    ORDER

Aha . . .That is Interesting!
John H. Holland, 85 Years Young
Jan W. Vasbinder, Ed.
World Scientific, Hackensack, NJ, 2014
Hardback: 164 pp., illus. $46. ISBN 9789814619868.    ORDER
Exploring Complexity, vol. 1.

Alan Turing: The Enigma
Andrew Hodges
Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2014
Paperback: 764 pp., illus. $16.95, £11.95. ISBN 9780691164724.    ORDER

The Altruistic Brain
How We Are Naturally Good
Donald W. Pfaff, with Sandra Sherman
Oxford University Press, New York, 2014
Hardback: 305 pp., illus. $24.95, £16.00. ISBN 9780199377466.    ORDER

Ancestors in Our Genome
The New Science of Human Evolution
Eugene E. Harris
Oxford University Press, New York, 2014
Hardback: 248 pp, illus. $27.95, £18.99. ISBN 9780199978038.    ORDER

Antibiotic Essentials
13th ed.
Burke A. Cunha, Ed.
Jaypee Brothers Medical, New Delhi, 2014
Paperback: 792 pp., illus. $35. ISBN 9789351523468.    ORDER

The Beauty of Physics
Patterns, Principles, and Perspectives
A. R. P. Rau
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014
Hardback: 231 pp., ilus. $44.95, £26. ISBN 9780198709916.    ORDER

The Book of Beetles
A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred of Nature's Gems
Patrice Bouchard, Ed.
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2014
Hardback: 656 pp., illus. $55. ISBN 9780226082752.    ORDER

Climate Change in Deserts
Past, Present, and Future
Martin Williams
Cambridge University Press, New York, 2014
Hardback: 651 pp., illus. $120, £75. ISBN 9781107016910.    ORDER

The Cognitive Neurosciences
5th ed.
Michael S. Gazzaniga and George R. Mangum, Eds.
MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2014
Hardback: 1122 pp., illus. $195, £134.95. ISBN 9780262027779.    ORDER

Diseases of the External Ear
(Including Step-by-Step Otoplasty)
SK Kaluskar
Jaypee Brothers Medical, New Delhi, 2014
Paperback: 240 pp., illus. $35. ISBN 9789351522362.    ORDER

The Future of the Brain
Essays by the World's Leading Neuroscientists
Gary Marcus and Jeremy Freeman, Eds.
Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2014
Hardback: 299 pp., illus. $24.95, £16.95. ISBN 9780691162768.    ORDER

Game Theory and the Art of Transforming Strategic Situations
David McAdams
Norton, New York, 2014
Paperback: 303 pp., illus. $16.95, C$18.95. ISBN 9780393349894.    ORDER
Reprint, 2014 ed.

How to Think About Analysis
Lara Alcock
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014
Paperback: 254 pp., illus. $24.95, £14.99. ISBN 9780198723530.    ORDER

Human Variation
A Genetic Perspective on Diversity, Race, and Medicine
Aravinda Chakravarti, Ed.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, 2014
Hardback: 139 pp., illus. $75. ISBN 9781621820901.    ORDER
Paperback: 139 pp., illus. $59. ISBN 9781936113255.    ORDER

Hutchison's Atlas of Paediatric Physical Diagnosis
Krishna M. Goel and Robert Carachi, Eds.
Jaypee Brothers Medical, New Delhi, 2014
Hardback: 784 pp., illus. $225. ISBN 9789351521525.    ORDER

Huxley's Church and Maxwell's Demon
From Theistic Science to Naturalistic Science
Matthew Stanley
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2014
Hardback: 372 pp. $45, £31. ISBN 9780226164878.    ORDER

Hyperglycemia in the Hospital Setting
Rajesh Garg and Margo Hudson, Eds.
Jaypee Brothers Medical, New Delhi, 2014
Paperback: 147 pp. $23. ISBN 9789351523130.    ORDER

Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics
2nd ed.
Alessandro Bettini
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2014
Hardback: 492 pp., illus. $75, £40. ISBN 9781107050402.    ORDER

James Watt
Making the World Anew
Ben Russell
Reaktion, London, 2014
Hardback: 280 pp., illus. $29.95, £17.95. ISBN 9781780233758.    ORDER
Published in association with the British Museum, London.

Journey of the Universe
Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker
Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 2014
Paperback: 189 pp. $15. ISBN 9780300209433.    ORDER
Reprint, 2011 ed.

Knowledge Is Beautiful
David McCandless
Harper Design, New York, 2014
Paperback: 25 pp., illus. $30. ISBN 9780062188229.    ORDER

Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for Improving Safety of U.S. Nuclear Plants
National Research Council
National Academies Press, Washington, DC, 2014
Paperback: 394 pp., illus. $79.95. ISBN 9780309272537.    ORDER

Looking Inside the Brain
The Power of Neuroimaging
Denis Le Bihan
Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2014
Hardback: 180 pp., illus. $29.95, £19.95. ISBN 9780691160610.    ORDER
Translated from the French edition (2012) by Teresa Lavender Fagan.

The Luminous Coast
Walking England's Eastern Edge
Jules Pretty
Comstock (Cornell University Press), Ithaca, NY, 2014
Paperback: 271 pp., illus. $24.95, £15.50. ISBN 9780801456510.    ORDER

Mapping Disease Transmission Risk
Enriching Models Using Biogeography and Ecology
A.Townsend Peterson
Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2014
Hardback: 224 pp., illus. $79.95. ISBN 9781421414737.    ORDER

The Most Mysterious Creature in the Sea
Katherine Harmon Courage
Current (Penguin Group USA), New York, 2014
Paperback: 250 pp., illus. $16. ISBN 9781617230141.    ORDER

Secrets of the Greatest Show on Earth
Weather, Climate Change, and Finding Deep Powder in Utah's Wasatch Mountains and Around the World
Jim Steenburgh
Utah State University Press, Logan, 2014
Paperback: 198 pp., illus. $21.95. ISBN 9780874219500.    ORDER

The Soil Underfoot
Infinite Possibilities for a Finite Resource
G. Jock Churchman and Edward R. Landa, Eds.
CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group), Boca Raton, FL, 2014
Hardback: 435 pp., illus. $79.95. ISBN 9781466571563.    ORDER

The Sphinx
Franklin Roosevelt, the Isolationists, and the Road to World War II
Nicholas Wapshott
Norton, New York, 2014
Hardback: 464 pp., $27.95, C$32.95. ISBN 9780393088885.    ORDER

Textbook of Pathology
7th ed.
Harsh Mohan
Jaypee Brothers Medical, New Delhi, 2014
Hardback: 970 pp., illus. $69. ISBN 9789351523697.    ORDER
Includes Harsh Morgan, Pathology Quick Review and MCQs. 4th ed..

Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension
A Mathematician's Journey Through Narcissistic Nmbers, Optimal Dating Algorithms, at Least Two Kinds of Infinity, and More
Matt Parker
Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, New York, 2014
Hardback: 463 pp., illus. $28. ISBN 9780374275655.    ORDER

Visual Cultures in Science and Technology
A Comparative History
Klaus Hentschel
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014
Hardback: 516 pp., illus. $99.95, £60. ISBN 9780198717874.    ORDER

Waking, Dreaming, Being
Self and Consciousness in Neuroscience, Meditation, and Philosophy
Evan Thompson
Columbia University Press, New York, 2014
Hardback: 495 pp. $32.95, £22.95. ISBN 9780231137096.    ORDER

Wind Power Politics and Policy
Scott Victor Valentine
Oxford University Press, New York, 2014
Hardback: 379 pp., illus. $75, £49. ISBN 9780199862726.    ORDER

World Clinics: Orthopedics
Current Controversies in Joint Replacement
Matthew S. Austin and Gregg R. Klein, Eds.
Jaypee Brothers Medical, New Delhi, 2014
Hardback: 196 pp., illus. $87. ISBN 9789351520030.    ORDER