Weekly Books Received List

Books received at Science during the week ending
Friday, September 12, 2014

Capital Failure
Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services
Nicholas Morris and David Vines, Eds.
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014
Hardback: 422 pp. $99, £60. ISBN 9780198712220.    ORDER

Confronting Contagion
Our Evolving Understanding of Disease
Melvin Santer
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014
Hardback: 375 pp. $34.95, £22.99. ISBN 9780199356355.    ORDER

Darwin's Dice
The Idea of Chance in the Thought of Charles Darwin
Curtis Johnson
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014
Hardback: 287 pp., illus. $29.95, £19.95. ISBN 9780199361410.    ORDER

The Edge of the Sky
All You Need to Know About the All-There-Is
Roberto Trotta
Basic Books (Perseus), New York, 2014
Hardback: 105 pp., illus. $16.99, C$19.99. ISBN 9780465044719.    ORDER

Flying Dinosaurs
How Fearsome Reptiles Became Birds
John Pickrell
Columbia University Press, New York, 2014
Hardback: 231 pp., illus. $29.95. ISBN 9780231171786.    ORDER

Human Subjects Research Regulation
Perspectives on the Future
I. Glenn Cohen and Holly Fernandez Lynch, Eds.
MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2014
Paperback: 391 pp. $33, £2.95. ISBN 9780262526210.    ORDER
Basic Bioethics.

The Invisible History of the Human Race
How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Futures
Christine Kenneally
Viking (Penguin), New York, 2014
Hardback: 367 pp., illus. $27.95, C$32.95. ISBN 9780670025558.    ORDER

Mosquito Trails
Ecology, Health, and the Politics of Entanglement
Alex M. Nading
University of California Press, Berkeley, 2014
Hardback: 287 pp. $65, £44.95. ISBN 9780520282612.    ORDER
Paperback: 287 pp. $29.95, £19.95. ISBN 9780520282629.    ORDER

A Photicular Book
Carol Kaufman. Created by Dan Kainen
Workman, New York, 2014
Hardback: 27 pp., illus. $25.95. ISBN 9780761180517.    ORDER

The Ultimate Guide
Tui De Roy, Mark Jones, and Julie Cornthwaite
Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2014
Hardback: 240 pp., illus. $35. ISBN 9780691162997.    ORDER

Planet of the Bugs
Evolution and the Rise of Insects
Scott Richard Shaw
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2014
Hardback: 254 pp., illus. $27.50, £19.50. ISBN 9780226163611.    ORDER

Race Unmasked
Biology and Race in the Twentieth Century
Michael Yudell
Columbia University Press, New York, 2014
Hardback: 304 pp. $40, £27.50. ISBN 9780231168748.    ORDER

The Turbulent Life and Times of an Amazonian People
Michael F. Brown
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 2014
Hardback: 331 pp., illus. $29.95. ISBN 9780674368071.    ORDER

Valuing Life
Humanizing the Regulatory State
Cass R. Sunstein
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2014
Hardback: 256 pp. $25, £17.50. ISBN 9780226780177.    ORDER