HIV/AIDS in Asia

In four installments running from September 2003 through June 2004, Science has published a series of articles on the increasing incidence of HIV and AIDS in Asia -- a continent that holds more than half of the world's population, and where efforts to stem the disease's spread are at a critical point in a number of densely populated countries. This special online collection gathers together all of the articles in the series -- as well as an online slide show and photo collection highlighting many of the images from the project, and the stories behind them.

HIV/AIDS in Asia: A Photo Essay
Online Slide Show
Complete Photo Collection
25 June 2004: Assessing Asia's HIV Future

A Time for Action
Colin Norman
Science304, 1931 (2004)

Asia and Africa: On Different Trajectories?
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1932 (2004)

The Asian Epidemic Model's Provocative Curves
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1934 (2004)

Monitoring Treatment: At What Cost?
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1936 (2004)

TREAT Asia Spans the Continental Divide
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1938 (2004)

Also in Science's 25 June 2004 issue:

Editorial: Access for All?
Joep M. A. Lange and Vallop Thaineua
Science304, 1875 (2004)

Policy Forum: A Global Response to AIDS -- Lessons Learned, Next Steps
Peter Piot, Richard G. A. Feachem, Lee Jong-wook, James D. Wolfensohn
Science304, 1909 (2004)

Policy Forum: Regulatory Challenges in Microbicide Development
Paul M. Coplan, Mark Mitchnick, Zeda F. Rosenberg
Science304, 1911 (2004)

Perspective: Developing and AIDS Vaccine -- Need, Uncertainty, Hope
Emilio A. Emini and Wayne C. Koff
Science304, 1913 (2004)

HIV/AIDS in China

Poised for Takeoff?
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1430 (2004)

A New Treatment Campaign, But With Limited Weapons
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1433 (2004)

Changing Course to Break the HIV-Heroin Connection
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1434 (2004)

Vaccine Development With a Distinctly Chinese Flavor
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1437 (2004)

An Unsafe Practice Turned Blood Donors Into Victims
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1438 (2004)

A Scoop of International Proportions
Jon Cohen
Science304, 1439 (2004)

HIV/AIDS in India

HIV/AIDS: India's Many Epidemics
Jon Cohen
Science304, 504 (2004)

Sonagachi Sex Workers Stymie HIV
Jon Cohen
Science304, 506 (2004)

The National AIDS Research Institute's Long Reach
Jon Cohen
Science304, 508 (2004)

The Needle and the Damage Done
Jon Cohen
Science304, 509 (2004)

Till Death Do Us Part
Jon Cohen
Science304, 513 (2004)

HIV/AIDS in Southeast Asia:
Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Jon Cohen
Science301, 1650 (2003)

The Politics of Prevalence
Jon Cohen
Science301, 1652 (2003)

The Collaboration That Almost Was
Jon Cohen
Science301, 1654 (2003)

Vietnam: HIV and Heroin -- A Deadly International Affair
Jon Cohen
Science301, 1657 (2003)

Thailand and Cambodia: Two Hard-Hit Countries Offer Rare Success Stories
Jon Cohen
Science301, 1658 (2003)

Can a Drug Provide Some Protection?
Jon Cohen
Science301, 1660 (2003)

Thailand's Do-It-Yourself Therapy
Jon Cohen
Science301, 1662 (2003)

Thailand Beats the Odds in Completing Vaccine Test
Jon Cohen
Science301, 1663 (2003)