Preparing Your Manuscript and Figures

Science prefers to receive files in Word's .docx format; however, we advise against creating math equations using Word 2007’s equation editor. Please instead format equations in Mathtype or using the legacy equation editor in Word (instructions here). Please download a copy of our Word template.

Science accepts full titles in references for peer-reviewed research papers. We will include these in the online (HTML) version of the paper. They will be suppressed in the print and PDF versions.

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Preparing Your Manuscript for Initial Submission

The Science Contributors FAQ
Quick answers to frequently asked questions on Science's manuscript criteria, review process, and embargo policies, formats for figures and supplementary materials, and more.
General information for authors
Categories of papers, manuscript selection criteria, conditions of acceptance, and other important data for scientific contributors.
Preparing your initial manuscript
Your initial submission should combine the main text, tables, and figures, in a single Word .docx or PDF document. The supplementary material should be in a separate single .docx or PDF document. Authors preparing their PDF file for submission from TeX or LaTeX sources should see our discussion on ensuring legible output from these sources.
Preparing efficient figures for initial submission
Some tips on preparing illustrations, to keep the size of your upload managable.
Additional resources
Some general style guidelines for Science manuscripts and a review of the journal's reference style, along with a list of commonly used journal abbreviations for references.

Preparing Your Revised Manuscript (after Peer Review)

License-to-publish and authorship/conflict-of-interest forms
Information on our publication license agreement with authors and our authorship and COI disclosure policies, and downloadable PDF versions of the relevant forms.
Preparing your text and tables
General guidelines for manuscript preparation. We prefer to receive manuscripts in Word .docx at the revision stage.
Preparing your text and tables—using LaTeX
Although we prefer to receive revised manuscripts in Word .docx, we will also accept LaTeX-formatted papers. Please carefully follow our instructions for setting up your TeX.
Preparing your art and figures
At the revision stage, figure files are uploaded separately from the manuscript text. Here are guidelines for preparing, formatting, and uploading figures at the revision stage. [Important note: We cannot accept art in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word format at the revision stage! Please adhere to the formatting guidelines here.]
Preparing your supplementary materials
Acceptable file formats and procedures for figures, tables, movies, sound clips, and other material to supplement your paper online.

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