Special Series: Human Genome 10th Anniversary

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In February 2001, Science and Nature published two papers that provided the first detailed look at the nearly complete sequence of the human genome. Science is pleased to present a special month-long series celebrating the 10th anniversary of that momentous achievement, including News features and brief essays that explore the impacts of the genomics revolution on scientists and society.

Read the Editorial by Bruce Alberts in the 4 February issue.

4 February 2011


News Focus

Waiting for the Revolution
Human Genetics in the Clinic, One Click Away
The Human Genome (Patent) Project
Online ExtraScience Podcast
The 4 February show includes several genome-related segments, including highlights from this series and a discussion about the water flea genome.

See the historic 16 February 2001 issue of Science reporting the sequencing of the human genome.

11 February 2011


News Focus

What Would You Do?

> Plus related podcast segment
Will Computers Crash Genomics?


The Genome Project: What Will It Do as a Teenager?