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Given the current outbreak, unprecedented in terms of number of people killed and rapid geographic spread, Science and Science Translational Medicine have made this collection of research and news articles on the viral disease freely available to researchers and the general public.

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13 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

What does Ebola actually do?

14 May 2015 | Africa, Health

Ebola survivors fight back in plasma studies

8 May 2015 | Africa, Health

Liberia’s Ebola epidemic ends

1 May 2015 | Africa, Health

In Guinea, a long, difficult road to zero Ebola cases

14 April 2015 | Africa, Health

Second Ebola vaccine trial may be too little, too late

2 April 2015 | Africa, Health

As Ebola wanes, trials jockey for patients

26 March 2015 | Africa

Scientists argue over access to remaining Ebola hotspots

26 March 2015 | Biology, Health

A reassuring snapshot of Ebola

12 March 2015 | Biology, Health

As Ebola fades, a new threat

11 March 2015 | Africa, Health

New Ebola drug trial starts in Sierra Leone

26 February 2015 | Africa, Health

Results from encouraging Ebola trial scrutinized

24 February 2015 | Africa, Health Ebola

Many caveats on promising Ebola drug trial

20 February 2015 | Africa, Health Ebola

Rapid test for Ebola now available

10 February 2015 | Africa, Health Ebola

'Positive' results for Ebola drug upsets plans for trials

15 January 2015 | Health

High hopes for Guinean vaccine trial

9 January 2015 | Africa, Health

Ebola vaccines move closer to ultimate test

8 January 2015 | Health

On the trail of the Ebola virus

30 December 2014 | Africa

Bat-filled tree may have been ground zero for the Ebola epidemic

18 December 2014 | People & Events

Breakdown + Breakdown runners-up

4 December 2014 | People & Events

The old man and the disease

3 December 2014 | Health

NIH scientists lead presidential show-and-tell

2 December 2014 | Africa

The old man and the disease

28 November 2014 | Infectious Diseases

A new phase in the Ebola war

20 November 2014 | Infectious Diseases

A dose of reality

20 November 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Saving lives without new drugs

7 November 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Delays hinder Ebola genomics

3 November 2014 | Asia/Pacific

China ramps up efforts to combat Ebola

30 October 2014 | Health

Ebola discoverer sees progress in stemming outbreak

28 October 2014 | Health

The Ebola vaccine underdog

24 October 2014 | Health

Ebola vaccines racing forward faster than predicted, but high hurdles remain

23 October 2014 | Health

Leaked documents reveal behind-the-scenes Ebola vaccine issues

20 October 2014 | Health

How many Ebola cases are there really?

17 October 2014 | Health

Congressional Ebola debate invokes PLOS paper


26 March 2015 | Research Report

Mutation rate and genotype variation of Ebola virus from Mali case sequences

Ebola virus has not mutated faster during the current outbreak in West Africa than historically observed..
26 March 2015 | Research Report

An Ebola whole-virus vaccine is protective in nonhuman primates

Preliminary results in primates offer promising results for an inactivated, peroxide-treated whole virus vaccine candidate for Ebola.
20 November 2014 | Science Careers Profiles

The road to Ebola

A structural biologist, a molecular virologist, and a microbiologist share their stories on why they considered working with Ebola.
30 October 2014 | Research Report

Strategies for containing Ebola in West Africa

A combination of hygienic practices could feasibly check Ebola within six months.
30 October 2014 | Research Report

Host genetic diversity enables Ebola hemorrhagic fever pathogenesis and resistance

Intercrossed mice infected with Ebola virus show the spectrum of pathology from prolonged coagulation to total resistance.
20 August 2014 | Research Article

Marburg virus infection in nonhuman primates: Therapeutic treatment by lipid-encapsulated siRNA

Lipid nanoparticle delivery of siRNAs against the virus nucleoprotein treats Marburg virus infection in nonhuman primates after symptom onset.
19 August 2014 | Editors' Choice

How Ebola Shuts Down Antiviral Signaling

16 October 2013 | Research Article

Monoclonal antibodies and interferon therapy rescue Ebola-infected nonhuman primates when administered after symptoms start

Monoclonal antibodies and adenovirus-vectored IFNα extends the treatment window for Zaire ebolavirus in macaques.
21 August 2013 | Research Article

Therapy for Ebola virus infection in rhesus macaques with a monoclonal antibody cocktail

Ebola virus-infected macaques were successfully treated with a cocktail of monoclonals manufactured in plants.
19 June 2013 | Research Article

Estrogen receptor modulators inhibit Ebola virus infection

Clomiphene and toremifene inhibit Ebola virus infection.
31 October 2012 | Research Article

Immune parameters correlate with protection against Ebola virus infection

Antibody induction may serve as a surrogate for survival in protecting against Ebola infection.
13 June 2012 | Research Article

Successful treatment of Ebola virus–infected macaques with monoclonal antibodies

Macaques survived infection with Ebola virus when treated 24 hours after infection with mix of 3 neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.
C. Bickel/Science
29 February 2012 | Research Article

Productive Replication of Ebola Virus Is Regulated by the c-Abl1 Tyrosine Kinase

Productive replication of Ebola virus is modulated by the c-Abl1 tyrosine kinase.
2012 | Perspective

Emerging Disease or Diagnosis?

Some viral infections, including ebolavirus, may not represent emerging diseases, but improved detection and diagnosis of common diseases.
2009 | Report

Discovery of Swine as a Host for the Reston ebolavir

Respiratory infections in pigs in the Philippines are associated with a cocktail of viruses, including a monkey filovirus.
2006 | Report

Ebola Outbreak Killed 5000 Gorillas

Successive waves of Ebola virus infection and hunting pressure are threatening the great apes of West Africa with extinction.
2005 | Brevia

Endosomal Proteolysis of the Ebola Virus Glycoprotein Is Necessary for Infection

For the Ebola virus to infect successfully, a host enzyme must digest a surface protein on the virus, suggesting a new target for treatment of this fatal infection.

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3D model of the Ebola virus

3D model of the Ebola virus
Ivan Konstantinov et al.Visual Science

Honorable mention in the 2011 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

Additional News Coverage

16 October 2014 | Biology

Ebola vaccine trials raise ethical issues

10 October 2014 | Africa

Imagining Ebola's next move

8 October 2014 | Africa

Push to gamble big on mass production of Ebola vaccines

7 October 2014 | Africa

Tough choices ahead in Ebola vaccine trials

3 October 2014 | Africa

How does Ebola spread? Hard facts from key studies

3 October 2014 | Health

When Ebola protection fails

30 September 2014 | Health

One more question, Dr. Frieden: Thirteen things we'd like CDC to tell us about first U.S. Ebola diagnosis

29 September 2014 | Africa

Ebola vaccine tests needlessly delayed, researchers claim

26 September 2014 | Infectious Disease

Testing new Ebola tests

23 September 2014 | Africa

WHO, CDC publish grim new Ebola projections

Mohammed Elshamy/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
17 September 2014 | Africa

A virologist in the hot zone

16 September 2014 | Africa

U.S. declares war on Ebola epidemic

16 September 2014 | Africa

Ebola vaccine: Little and late

12 September 2014 | Africa

Cuba to commit large health corps to Ebola fight

10 September 2014 | Health

Ebola: 'Wow, that is really tough'

9 September 2014 | Health

Ebola vaccines racing forward at record pace

3 September 2014 | Africa

Nigeria's Ebola outbreak spreads

2 September 2014 | Health

Congo outbreak of Ebola unrelated to escalating West African epidemic

31 August 2014 | Health

Disease modelers project a rapidly rising toll from Ebola

AP Photo/Sunday Alamba, File
28 August 2014 | Health

Ebola's heavy toll on study authors

28 August 2014 | Africa

Genomes reveal start of Ebola outbreak

28 August 2014 | Africa

Ebola outbreak still accelerating

27 August 2014 | Africa

WHO reports Ebola deaths in DRC

20 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Experimental drug stops Ebola-like infection

15 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

WHO ponders treating Ebola-infected people with
blood of survivors

14 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Debate erupts on ‘repurposed’ drugs for Ebola

Loredana Siani, Okairos

11 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Africa's first encounter with Ebola: A virologist's tale, part I

13 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Part two: A virologist's tale of Africa's first encounter with Ebola

12 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

The other Ebola debate: What about existing drugs?

12 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Using experimental drugs and vaccines against Ebola is ethical, WHO panel says

8 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

WHO declares escalating Ebola outbreak an international emergency

7 August 2014 | Infectious Diseases

How two U.S. patients changed the debate about using untested Ebola drugs

25 July 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Ebola drugs still stuck in lab

11 April 2014 | Infectious Diseases

Are Bats Spreading Ebola Across Sub-Saharan Africa?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Image Library/Wikimedia

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