Science Career Fair

February 15, 2019

Science Careers and AAAS offer an exciting career event during the 2019 AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.  Take advantage of free career workshops and meet with hiring managers and organization representatives all in one place.

Participating Companies

Check back periodically for exhibitor updates.


Free registration for this event is required. Pre-registration is available and highly recommended. You will be linked to the AAAS Annual Meeting website where you can sign up for the career fair.

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Step 1 – Fill in your AAAS member information OR choose “Continue as a non-member”

Step 2 – Select “A Special Session or Event Only”

Step 3 – Select “Special Events”

Step 4 – Select the “Science Career Fair” from the list

Step 5 – Complete the Profile form

Step 6 – Room Search – select “no reservations at this time”

Step 7 – Review and check out to receive your confirmation

For more information on the career workshops, click here