Data stories contest visualization

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2017 Data Stories winners

The 2017 Data Stories Contest saw submissions from around the world that tackled everything from wound healing to radioactive exposure to changing landscapes. Below are our winners in the student, professional, and corporate entity categories, as well as your pick for the People’s Choice award!

Student Winner

Kate Bredbenner

"Wait... How Many People Died?"

This video demonstrates how stop animation and simple graphics can be very effective tools to communicate statistical information in a fun and fresh way. The fact that the video has an agile script and a solid data foundation liberates the author from needing sophisticated graphics in order to communicate clearly.

Professional Winner

Gregory Shirah

"Seasonal Changes in Carbon Dioxide"

What makes this visualization stand out in a plethora of similar graphics is the departure from the typical flat representation of the data by adding a third dimension to explain the flow of carbon dioxide in different altitudes. The author brilliantly uses this extra layer of information by integrating it into the narrative of the video and playing with different angles to convey a fascinating story.

Corporate Entity Winner

Ronna Kelly

"Ecological Footprint: Deficit or Reserve?"

This is a fantastic example of a fluid narrative through uncomplicated and clear visuals. The animated graphics are both attractive and self-explanatory, perfectly matched with the flow of the data relayed.

People's Choice

Sam Hooper

"Listening to Landscapes"