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2016 Data Stories winners

Submissions for the 2016 Data Stories competition were out of this world--literally! Not only did you open up new vistas in the universe of planetary science, but you also opened our eyes to brain-bending trends in neuroscience, oceanography, and countless other fields. Here are the winners, and here are the worthy contenders.

Student Winner

Ulf Aslak Jensen

“How People Gather: An Interactive Visualization Approach”

This submission is an engaging merger of video and motion graphics. The added value of the interactive visualization to describe social interaction makes this piece a fascinating proposition.

Professional Winner

RJ Andrews, Info We Trust

“Are Gazelles Endangered?”

This submission is clean and effective. The minimalist utilization of pictograms in a base chart tells a story with great precision. The video is straight to the point and shows a good use of color and typography.

Corporate Winner

Daniel Gallagher, NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

“Martian Atmosphere Loss Explained by NASA”

This submission is an excellent use of narration, visual elements, and data. Not only is the 3D animation elegant and masterfully executed, but it also provides the viewer with a clear and concise vantage point to explain the data.

People's Choice

We’d also like to congratulate NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio and MAVEN Science Team for having their video “Martian Atmosphere Loss Explained by NASA” selected as the People’s Choice winner. Our social media followers selected this video, which explains how NASA’s Maven orbiter took the first-ever measurements of solar wind erosion at Mars.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch these winning videos, spare 90 seconds to watch them and see how YOU might be able to creatively use your scientific data!