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Fire up your gray matter for Science’s Data Stories Contest!

Thank you for your interest in our Data Stories Contest. The 2017 competition has ended, but check out our winners page to see the videos that most wowed us—and you!

General information

The Data Stories Contest is back for 2017. Wow us with your best data!

And when we say “wow,” we mean just that: Make us laugh, make us cry, make us gasp with delight at the stunning discoveries and probing insights you can bring to life with data visualization. Last year’s entries sparked a fire—now it’s time to build it higher!

All entries should be in video format, and all videos should last no more than 90 seconds. Other than that, no holds barred. You can narrate, animate, or even act out your data points to tell us your bigger story.

Take a look at the examples below, and check out our rules—and tips—to get started! 

Top 2016 video submissions

How to enter

Once you’ve polished your masterpiece, it’s time for the upload! We want your work to travel as widely as possible, so we’re suggesting all of the videos be hosted on YouTube.

To submit yours, simply use your Google account to upload your file on YouTube. Make sure to add a pithy title and a concise description that includes a link to the data set (or sets) you’ve used for your story. Mark your video “unlisted” and under the “advanced settings” tab, choose the option “allow embedding.” Next, complete the entry form. It’s that easy!

Remember, your data sets should be hosted on a free, publicly accessible site—after all, we want your data to wow the world, not just our judges! 

Want to be a top contender? Check out some of our helpful tips and tricks on making a good video.

Entry categories

Contest participants should submit their video within one of the categories below. 

Student – An individual at least 18 years old who, at the time of entry, is enrolled full- or part-time at an accredited, degree-granting institution of higher education seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Professional – One of the following:

  1. An individual at least 18 years old who, at the time of entry, is not a student, but entering individually;
  2. A group of individuals who are all at least 18 years old, and, at the time of entry, are not students; or
  3. A for-profit or non-profit organization, however organized, entered by an agent of the organization who warrants that it has the authority to bind the organization to the rules and regulations of this contest.

Corporate entity

Key dates

Submissions accepted: 13 February 2017 – 14 April 2017

“People’s choice” voting: 17 April 2017 – 23 April 2017

Official judging begins: 24 April 2017

Winners announced: May 2017

Prize details

Data Stories winners will be featured on the Science website and shared with millions of followers on Science social media. Stay tuned for further updates!