The Evolution of Sequencing Technology

DNA, besides acting as this blueprint, can also provide us with information about our phylogeny, ancestry, environment, susceptibility to disease, and–some claim–our character and possibly our fate.  It is no wonder that we as humans find the process and challenge of decoding our genetic information such an irresistible endeavor. As our knowledge of DNA–both chemical and functional–has grown, so have sequencing technologies evolved and improved, each discovery building upon the previous as we proceed along the uncoiling DNA strand.  This poster provides a snapshot of the current state of the art, as well as giving the reader a broad—and necessarily abbreviated—overview of the development of sequencing technologies over the last century and a half.  If the speed of advancement in this area continues apace, even some of the more formidable challenges, such as single strand sequencing and the $1,000 genome, might be overcome—not just in our lifetimes, but within the foreseeable future.


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