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National Cancer Institute/Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah

Cancer drug shrinks ‘undruggable’ lung tumors

A new lung cancer drug that showed hints of promise last year is proving itself in a larger test, BioPharma Dive reports. The drug targets KRAS, a growth-driving protein common to many tumors that has been considered “undruggable” because it is difficult to block (mouse KRAS lung tumors shown above). An Amgen KRAS blocker called sotorasib shrank tumors in 19 of 59 advanced lung cancer patients with KRAS mutations, or 32%, Amgen reported yesterday in The New England Journal of Medicine and the European Society for Medical Oncology Virtual Congress 2020. That’s down from 50% for a handful of patients in October 2019. But the tumors didn’t regrow for a median of 6 months, which should be enough for regulatory approval if it holds up in more patients, STAT Plus reports.

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