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EdgeOfMidnight/Wikimedia Commons

Watch an elusive pangolin slurp up supper—from the world’s first ‘pango-cam’

Pangolins, said to be the world’s most trafficked animals, are notoriously secretive. To find out what the scaly ant-eating creatures were up to on a day-to-day basis, researchers designed a lightweight waterproof camera that could be attached to a pangolin’s keratin scales, Mongabay reports. Researchers fastened the tiny camera to the back of a female pangolin in Ivory Coast and watched as she climbed trees in the swamp forest and devoured countless ants. The team hopes the ability to see the world from a pangolin’s-eye view will raise awareness for pangolins’ plight—they are now killed and sold in large numbers for their meat and scales—and provide biologists with useful information about their lives.

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