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Cordylus/Wikimedia Commons

Lizards poop on the biggest rocks around

When people poop in the wild, they tend to seek out secluded spots—not so for lizards. In a study of dalmatian wall lizards from Croatia, researchers found that the reptiles preferred to use the biggest rocks in the territory as their toilets, maximizing visibility of their feces, Inside Science reports. In the wild, there could be many reasons the lizards chose the big rocks—they might provide the best watch post for predators, for instance, or they could be warmer than other smaller rocks. To find out why the lizards might prefer taller toilets, researchers placed lizards in a cage with three rocks that were identical in all aspects except size. Eighty percent of the lizards still chose the biggest, the team reports on 7 August in the journal Behavioral Processes, leading the scientists to suspect that the lizards actually wanted other lizards to see their dung—although it is unclear how their fellow reptiles interpreted the “messages.”

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