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Science Museum Group/Wikimedia Commons

Bank of England begins hunt for scientist to grace new £50 note

Citizens of the United Kingdom will soon be taking science to the bank. The Bank of England announced today at the Science Museum in London that the new £50 note will feature a prominent British scientist, BBC reports. Over the next 6 weeks, members of the public can nominate any scientist, mathematician, engineer, or technologist—like early computer scientist Ada Lovelace (above)—through a form on the bank’s website. The only stipulation is that the individual must be deceased and not fictional. “Timelords,” like the titular character of the popular U.K. television series Dr. Who, are not eligible, said Mark Carney, governor of the bank. The redesign is part of the bank’s ongoing switch from paper to polymer notes, which are more durable and harder to counterfeit.

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