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Museum of the Bible

Five Dead Sea Scroll fragments at the Museum of the Bible are fakes

Five fragments of ancient text purporting to be pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls owned by the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., are modern forgeries. Scholars had long questioned the authenticity of these and other fragments in the museum’s collection, which were bought on the antiquities market by the Green family, the evangelical billionaires who own the Hobby Lobby chain of craft stores and have bankrolled the Museum of the Bible. The museum sent five of its 16 supposed Dead Sea Scroll fragments to a laboratory in Germany, where scientists studied their ink and sediment layers and determined all five were modern fakes, CNN reports. In a press release, the Museum of the Bible said it will replace them with other fragments in its Dead Sea Scroll display, with labels saying their authenticity, too, has been questioned.

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