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Government of Yukon

Fifty-thousand-year-old wolf pup still has paws, skin, and hair

Two exceptionally well-preserved ice age animals, discovered in 2016 by miners in Canada’s Yukon territory, were unveiled this week at a cultural center ceremony in Dawson City, The Guardian reports. The mummified caribou calf, discovered at a site with a volcanic ash bed that dates to approximately 80,000 years ago, has its entire front half intact, including its torso, head, and two front limbs, and with skin, muscle, and hair still connected. The second specimen, a wolf pup, is completely preserved with its head, tail, paws, skin, and hair. Both animals have been radiocarbon-dated as more than 50,000 years old and have garnered interest from the paleontology community for the light they could shed on the genetics and lifestyles of ancient arctic mammals.

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