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Which Beatle wrote one of the most famous songs of all time? A math model has the answer

The decades-old debate surrounding which Beatle—John Lennon or Paul McCartney—wrote one of the greatest hits of all time has been solved by a statistician, Inverse reports. Lennon wrote both the music and the lyrics to “In My Life,” the 23rd greatest hit of all time, researchers report this week at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, Canada. The team used 70 of McCartney's and Lennon’s combined works and identified 149 features present in most Beatles songs—focusing on note and chord transitions to create a musical fingerprint of each artist using a technique borrowed from literary analysis. The resulting statistical model, which was 80% accurate in predicting the authors of other Beatles tunes, predicted a 1.8% chance that the hit song was written by McCartney—despite his claims to the contrary.

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