News from Science introduces metered paywall

To our readers:

If you’re an avid reader of the daily articles on the News from Science site—and we hope you are—you may soon notice a change. Starting today, our wide-ranging news and analysis will continue to be free, until you click on your 11th story in a 30-day period. At that point, unless you are an AAAS member, we will ask you to subscribe. The fee is modest—$1.50 a month—and will give you all-you-can read access to more than 100 original stories every month, ranging from breaking news on policy and research to in-depth features about ideas, quests, and personalities in science, along with information-packed graphics and multimedia. (AAAS members need only enter their membership details to bypass the daily news paywall, and they can also read the news section in the weekly issue of Science.)

We’re delighted that growing numbers of regular readers rely on our journalism to stay up to date about the world of science. If you are among them, we hope you’ll acknowledge the time, effort, and expense that go into News from Science by agreeing to subscribe. If you have further questions, please see our FAQs.