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Angus Davison

Jeremy the #leftysnail is 1 foot under

From a compost heap in southwest London, Jeremy the garden snail (second from the right) rose to fame on the back of his back—a rare, left-coiling shell that launched him to social stardom under the hashtag #leftysnail. But, alas, not even celebrity snails live forever, and so it is with great sadness we must report that Jeremy was found dead on 6 October. May he rest in peace. Jeremy was different. His left-coiling shell and inverted organs left him unable to mate with the more typical right-coiling gastropods. To find out why, genetically speaking, scientists sought out other left-handed mates. Shortly before his death, scientists believe Jeremy successfully mated with another lefty—procured through a matchmaking social media campaign, of course, The New York Times reports. Their offspring, however, are all right-handed, forcing the researchers to wait to see whether the recessive lefty body plan reveals itself in future generations.

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